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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Τhe all time classic DERBY is back in town. PROODEFTIKI vs ionikos on Sunday

The DERBY is back again.

Preparations for the squads, daily workout of the players, match strategies from the coach are done and of course the fans organizing the spectators event for the local DERBY PROODEFTIKI vs Ionikos on Sunday 3rd of March.  
Kick - off time is 3:00pm greek time.

Everybody involved in this classical  Derby of Greek football is working hard to achieve ''the result''

Historicaly  (since some 50 years by now)  PROODEFTIKI  has NEVER HAD A DEFEAT in a home game against Ionikos ...... probably a record for local Derby's worldwide.
And the target of ''PROO'' is to win the following match once again against the local rival. 

Thousands of fans of PROODEFTIKI will fill up the tribunes of ''the Cage''as usual at least 2 hours before the kick-off.  
Many of them will travel the whole day from all over Greece to be on time for the kick-off at ''the Cage'' 

The teams will entry the pitch in a ''hot'' arthmospere before the start.

The possibility of a live streaming transmission exists but is not yet officialy announced if Sportal TV will broadcast the DERBY.

The match is critical as both teams want to win the 3 points for different reasons.

We will inform all supporters of PROODEFTIKI with the latest developments (Live transmission or not, squad updates,  etc) on Saturday evening before the match.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

FC PROODEFTIKI returned from Crete with a great win against Episkopi

   Proodeftiki collected  3 points playing away against        FC Episkopi past Sunday, with an excellent performance on the muddy pitch of the Rethymnon Stadium. 

The rain during the 1st half resulted that the first 45 min. (0-0 halftime) did not helped the squad to perform as planned, but the comeback in the second half and the excellent tactic and performance of the squad brought the positive result (0-2 final), that is a milestone for the next matches and the aim to leave behind the relegation zone of the 5th group in the 3rd National Greek football league. 

Some supporters of  ''PROO'', that travelled to Crete, watched the game in the stadium and celebrated the first away win of the team, while hundreds of supporters had the chance to follow the game on their computers and mobile devices due to the LIVE VIDEO STREAMING via facebook APP, organized by the supporters of our club.

You may watch here bellow, a  video including both goals and the best moments of the match, as recorded and posted ,by the local club.

Following game info against Atsalenios club, will be posted on Saturday 26th January 2019.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

PROODEFTIKI travells to Crete for a positive result in the match against FC Episkopi

With faith and the target to leave with at least 1 point or the 3 points of a win, travels PROODEFTIKI to Rethymnon / Crete where on Sunday (20/JAN/2019) at 15:00 the squad will play against  FC Episkopi for the 15th match-day of the 5th group of the 3rd National Greek Football Division.

The next opponent of "PROO" is in the 5th place in the Leagues table with 21 points and with an offensive line that is the most productive of the group, having achieved  to score 24 goals and with key striker in the lineup, the top League scorer Nikos Katsikokeris who has achieved the 1/3 of these ( 8 goals) . 

 On the contrary, the defensive line of FC Episkopi with 13 times seeing the ball in their own net, shows some weaknesses in having failed keeping the opponent team at 0 in 5 of the 6 home games played.

 Without their coach Stefanides, who was sent off the pitch in the previous match, and has no right to be on the bench, will FC Episkopi  line up on Sunday.  As well as 3 missing important players due to red cards. Latest news of the week are also the withdrawal of two of the team's goalkeepers who had participated in previous games.

On the other hand the coach of PROODEFTIKI, Margaritis Chatzialexis, pointed out in an interview during the week, that every remaining match for the championship is likely to be  ‘’a final’’ and any point  that will be achieved in away games will be a positive result in the battle that everyone  in the "Crimson" squad will participate to save the club from relegation to the local divisions of Pireus. 
The only missing player for PROO will be the punished with red card Tzitzikalakis during past game against Ethnikos Pireus, while expected is the participation of the striker Vlachos who returned to our club, by signing again up during past week
The squad of PROO, will travel by Ferry-boat on Saturday night to Crete and probably the starting  lineup of our club will not have many differences compared to those played against  Ethnikos Piraeus (1-1 final) in the previous Match past Sunday.   

You will be able to follow the written live information of the match on Sunday, by connecting to  the Facebook page of  Crimson Club, while efforts are made to transmit the match with live streaming  by traveling to Crete supporters,  that the latest information resume  to have some 100 traveling to Crete fans attending and supporting PROODEFTIKI in the stadium of Rethymnon.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The 2nd round of the League starts with a classical derby of Pireus PROODEFTIKI vs Ethnikos

   After the possitive for FC PROODEFTIKI result past Sunday (1-1 draw) played away against Ambelakiakos at Salamis island, the club returns to the ''Cage''  for the 1st home game of the new year, that is as well  the starting game of the 2nd round of this years fixings.

    The position on the table is still showing PROO in an unlikely rank that has to be changed and the team has to climb several ranking positions to ''save'' the remain in the 3rd National League for next season. 

   The ''commity'' managing the club, since late December, has proceeded in the past days, spending an serious amount to significant changes in the roster of the Football division'' of  PROODEFTIKI,  by signing some well known and experienced players, in order to help the team to recover and to ''save the category'' at the end of this championship.

   So the derby of Sunday 13th January 2019 (first home game) is a very critical for both teams  as PROODEFTIKI will ai to avoid relegation while Ethnikos is looking for its lost chance of past season to promote to the higher League. At present and competing the 12 games of the 1st round PROODEFTIKI holds the 10th rank, sill 4 points away from the tables rank that will save the category, while Etnikos holds the 2nd rank in the table 1 point only away from the ''promoting'' top of the table of the 5th group in the 3rd National football category of Greece. 

      Expexted is that the match at home for  PROODEFTIKI will be the most visited game of this seasons , while it is not clear yet if supporters of Ethnikos will arrive at the ''Cage'' to attend the match.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Starting 2019 with a critical match away on Salamis island.

  Welcoming you all back for the 1st posting in 2019,  our ''crew'' of the blog, will bring you on your screen the latest information about the club and the championship it is participating as often as possible during this year.

  Significant changes happened during the past weeks in the club .....   lots of work has still to be done!

  A ''salvation commity'' is running and managing  the club, since early Christmass days,  as former officers (managers and coaches) had to step back, following the latest negative game results during the last matches of the previous year, resulting an unpleasant and dangerous position for relegation in the 5th group table for Proodeftiki.

  Already a number of players left the squad, as a result of their weak performance during critical games where PROODEFTIKI was defeated in matches away and at home games and the first two new bookings of experienced players are already completed and announced in the press, while the members of the commity are working hand-in-hand with the new head coach Margaritis Chatzialexis to strenghten the clubs roster ( returning as a head coach of the club after a positive period during  2011 championship)

  On Sunday 6th January 2019, Proodeftiki is playng away a very crucial match on Salamis island against the local club of Ampelakiakos completing the fixtures of the 1st round of the chamionship.

 The club will have during the match against Ampelakiakos the support of hundreds of fans travelling the short distance from Attika mainland to Salamis island by ferries despite the very cold weather conditions in Greece during these days.