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Thursday, February 4, 2010


This post is to welcome all friends, supporters & fans of F.C. PROODEFTIKH who are living abroad.
We intend to post everything in English language on this blog, in order to communicate with individuals who do not speak or read enough Greek, or their P.C does not support Greek Language characters.
There are many friends and fans of our football team living in countries, where English is the official or main language used. There are many people supporting our team traditionally, because their immigranting parents or grandparents are originally from our areas (PIREUS CITY, and its suburbs called NIKEA or (KOKKINIA) and KORYDALLOS)

Personally, I am one of them, but my family returned many years ago to the"roots"!
When I was growing up (abroad), we where listening from the radio in Germany the news from Greece and of course the results of the football league every Sunday evening.
My mother first introduced me to her hometown football team called PROODEFTIKH, as the rest of the family was from Athens downtown supporting PAO.

So it happened, that I was watching games of PROODEFTIKH, since I was a child, during visits in Greece.
My other favorite football team that I do support is German, and it is the worldwide well known team of "SANKT PAULI" from Hamburg / Germany.

We will soon inform you with our next post, the reason this blog started existing.
We are going to need and kindly expecting your feedbacks with comments, ideas and stories related with PROO that you remember or heard so from friends and relatives.

So, stay connected!!

Thank you, hope to see you soon again registered on our visits recording widget.

NOTE: During the upcoming game of PROODEFTIKH vs KALLONI (Lesbos Island) it is arranged to cover the match with live messages on some of our blogs.
Stay tuned at 14:00 Greek time Sunday 7/FEB/2010
on following participating (so far) blogs:

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