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Monday, March 15, 2010


An unexpected result!!

Proodeftikh lost yesterday Sunday 14-March-2010, during an away game on Mytilini Island from the local team of Eolikos by 2-1 and is now on the 3th position of the 9th pool, while an other team of the same Island, AELKalloni is now on the 2nd position of pool with 2 more points as PROO.

This loss, resulted as well a higher difference (-5 points) from leading team, of the 9th pool of 4th division Acharnaikos.

Acharnaikos won by 0-2 in an away game on the Island of Chios against Dafni Dafnona ( weakest team of the 9th pool).

Among the interesting news of this weekend, was the visit of some fans of Proodeftikh on the Island of Mytilini, which were welcomed warmly by the Eolikos fans and watched the game together.

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