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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PROODEFTIKH travels to Mytillini for the next critical game!!

Following game of PROO info, in brief!

The following (abroad) game of PROODEFTIKH, is sceduled for Sunday 14/March/10 at 15:00 in
Tarlas Stadium of Mytillini Island against Aiolikos FC.
The two most famous teams of the 9th pool of the division are ''crossing their swords'' in a very critical game especially for PROO, while Aiolikos (well known as well as ''AIO'') is safe in the league, not heading for the championship this year.
An other team from the same Island, AELKalloni (AELK), is struggling for the championship, following PROO by 1 point.
Already past Sunday after the 7-1 victory of PROO against Ellas Pontion, the invitation from the Aiolikos fans to the PROODEFTIKH fans to visit Mytillini Island and to watch the game together side-by-side, was posted in the Internet.
The fans especially of both teams have already established a constant improoving contact this season, building up a fantastic relationship, which will become a long lasting friendship & support among each other.
The exchanged, already from the first round of the championship messages between the two parties, are prooving the respect of all towards their new friends!!
Anyway, the next game between PROODEFTIKH and AIOLIKOS, will simply aproove once again the improovnes of the respect to each other and most probably will make fans of other teams, think some situations over again.

Soon we will post any further news about this game!!

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