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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New teams managing board as of yesterday 9th/JUNE

Yesterday evening Wednesday 9/JUNE/2010, took part the
2nd general congress of members of PROODEFTIKI ATHLETIC CLUB.

More than 100 members joined this annual event among them a significant number of fans and supporters of our team, which was repeated for the 2nd time within a months period.

After the stepback of the administrative council of our team a couple of months ago, a new coucil under the supervision of Dr. Nikos Chainis, requested the agree and acceptance of the former council and the members of A.C. PROODEFTIKI , in order to take over the lead of the club.
Due to the reason also, that there was no other callenging proposition from any other party, everybody agreed with the proposal.

Dr. Nikos Chainis explained to the audience and analysed briefly, the resume of projected plans in order to manage the team efficiently for a period of following years, focusing on a return to professional league categories. The information in reference of the new board members, was also shared by Dr. Chainis, who kindly answered some questions of the audience.

Everyone now, is awaiting the official action of consignment of the former council, so that the new board can take over and rush to fulfill its projected plans, in order to prepare the team for the new leagues season, starting in September.

For any further updated news, we will keep you informed by new posts.

You may watch the videos of the entire 2nd General Members Congress as usual in 2 of our in Greek language corresponding blogs, the:

as well as the:


A little example of the brief analysis of Dr. Chainis is following hereunder:

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