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Friday, June 25, 2010

Within the next 10 days, we will share the news about PROO with you

As result of the meeting (held yesterday afternoon) between members of the new managing board of A.C. PROODEFTIKI and some of our bloggers, they received and posted (in our other blogs) the information that announcable news (reffering organization of the club and first information related with players and technical team) will be shared at some 10 days and on.
We will keep you informed on time, as soon as we receive ''this fresh news''.

In the meantime, many other football clubs, almost in any Greek devision, are facing tremendous financial problems and many of them are sceptic into the participation in their leagues.

Keeping an outlook on interested investors, it seems like there is almost nothing possitivly expressed, by people wich could, probably support financially this teams as ''owners'' or ''sponsors'', resulting even fears of the future existance of many historical teams.

Furthermore many other teams, that plan to participate, are cutting budgets, resulting that many good players are searching for better agreements i.e. contracts.

With no doubt, the financial crisis in Greece, is affecting as well the sports, especially all football leagues, where many ''surprising results'' are expected during the up-comming season.
The season 2010-2011 will be, most probably, an interesting betting session!

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