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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The updated news of the first meeting of F.C. PROODEFTIKI for the season 2010 - 2011

Hello again dear friends and fans of F.C. Proodeftiki, read the updated news of our team as the new season 2010-2011 started......

Yesterday Wednesday 28/July, was the first day the ''new football team'' of Proodeftiki met at our football ground for the new season for the first training.
We had the chance to see many new faces among the remaining know players of last season.

More than 150 fans and friends of PROO attended this event, but due to the release of many of last season good and favorite players from the team, many among the fans simply disapproved this disengagement of the well known players by the teams technical stuff and adminitrative council.

They disagreed as well with some persons involved in the new council by yelling to them for their reactions and moves in administrating and that a specific person among them, was held responsible, that the natural ground was changed into a turf ground by the City of Nikea, so that many amature teams of the surrounding areas are using ''the Cage'' now too.

But it started getting rough when the technical stuff showed up in a ''hatred blue colored training tricots''. Many people started booing the responsible people for that unlikly situation, by demanding not to show up again in this colour.

Finaly the players (new & old ones) started to run slowly and relaxed around the field to heat up

After some circles they splitted into 2 teams, the first one continued with gym exercises
while the others got contact to the ball, playing among them a short game.

After a while they exchanged the excersise.

The players that disengaged from Proodeftiki are:
A number of them already signed up for other teams in many different categories, with the best of all the 4 years professional contract signed by Marios Argiriou at B' League team ETHNIKOS ASTERAS of Kessariani / Athens.

Among the newcomers that signed up for F.C. Prodeftiki, remarkable and well known is LAZAROU (36yr old Att) , Miionis (Gk) formerly played for PROO and some others with some experience from leagues B' and C'.
As regards the rest of the new players we will keep you informed, as first of all they probably have to proove that they can help the team to start a succesfull season by winning the leagues championship at the end and to be rewarded with the ascent to the C' league.
The time will show, who will stand the responsibility to carry on the difficult struggle, while the patience of the fans simply is gone after 3 years in ''excile'' from the professional leagues of Greek Football.

There are many photos and 11 videos to be watched at following Greek blogs & sites:

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During the following 3 weeks and due to the teams preparation in Northern Greek Areas and as well the Summer Holidays peak season, our posts will be not everyday updated, but we will catch up with important news anytime available.

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