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Saturday, July 10, 2010

TOP 12 Goals scored by F.C. PROODEFTIKI in season 2009 - 2010 recorded on videos & the latest developments of F.C. PROODEFTIKI

While the fans are still awaiting to be informed officially by the new administrative council
of F.C. Proodeftiki, already a number of players has left the team and signed new contracts.

The 21 year old Marios Argyriou ('09-'10 season top scorer of PROO and the 9th pool of our division, with 24 goals scored) signed yesterday a 4 year lasting contract with Ethnikos Asteras of Kessariani and will continue in the B' Devision following season.
Some days ago, Sotiris Bethanis (midfielder-23yr old) left our team for APO ROUF-C' Devision!

A serious part of last years trunke of team, will most probably not continue to play for Proodeftiki in the following season, mainly due to financial problems and sallary cuts.

If new and valuable players will join our team for the next season, no one has an answer right now, while many other teams preparing for a championship struggle, are steps ahead!!!

A bit more patience is required at this present time, till the first official statement of our new administrative council is in the air.

The only news (in terms of organization) is that:
As head coach - FOTIS THANELLAS (44yr) is in charge
and Dimitri Chortsas (a senior player of Proodeftiki) will carry the responsibility as technical director of the teams football devision, after Jiannis Tsevretzis denied this position!
Both together will select and form the new seasons roster of FC PROODEFTIKI.

Following is the video show of the 12 top goals recorded on video (elected by our fans - among a number of 39 goals recorded out of 69 goals scored in total)

Enjoy them here, many players scored, will do the job for other teams in the new season!!

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