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Sunday, January 14, 2018

0-0 draw in the ''RODEO'' between Ionikos - PROODEFTIKI

Ιonikos - PROODEFTIKI (0-0 final) but too much tension for no reason

Today Saturday 13th / January /2018 the ''all time classic Derby'' of Pireus between ionikos and PROODEFTIKI F.C. was played with the clubs finishing it with a draw (0-0 final) and completing the match with a 17 minutes delay, due to the throwing of various objects by the supporters of Ionikos to the players of PROODEFTIKI and the referee.
The referee of the match was hit by a bottle of water in his face!!!

A Derby between Ionikos and Proodeftiki without ''tension'' .... is NOT a derby!
However, the situation this time in Neapolis football ground (home of Ionikos) escalated to a dangrous level.

With the match played in the 63rd minute and after a foul decided by the referee of the game, some skirmishes between the team players where noticed, but some of the Ionikos supporters decided to light .... some fire to the match.

At the beginnin, bottles where thrown from the side tribune of the stadium and one hit the referee of the match. He immediately called his both assistants, but he did not leave for the dressing rooms wanting to give ....... a 2nd chance to the fans of Ionikos.

Before the tension was calmed, ionikos supporters threw exploding fireworks on the pitch, so the referee left at this point for the dressing room, while the players of PROODEFTIKI were leaving the pitch as well, a flare fell into the pitch's players exit and for a few minutes the match was .... ''in the air'', as it was not clear if the match..... was stopped or not?

Finally, a few minutes later the players of both clubs and the referee team returned to the pitch and continued the game like it was something ''normal'' after a 17 minutes interruption, with the referee's commitment that the next object that would fall on the pitch would terminate the DERBY definitively!!

Watch the videocut of the turbulent minutes

But let's take things from the beginning.

PROODEFTIKI F.C. went to Neapolis play ground (with fans escort
till the borders of both neighbouring suburbs of Pireus)


to remain unattached for another week at the top of the 6th Group of the 3rd Greek National Championship, while Ionikos wanted to win for prestige as well as for aprooving that the team is continuing a small counterattack in the past few weeks.

The Ionikos players were the ones who seemed to want to achive more in the beginning of the game and only after 15 minutes had their first good time in the match.

The player ALEXIOU had a good shot after a foul, but the ball stopped at the upper beam, while in the 24th minute PROODEFTIKI threatened for the first time with a good header from FABINHO MACHADO (a recently signed Brazilian player), who was also injured in the first minutes by an exploding fireworks on the pitch

12 minutes later, Ionikos was again unlucky, seeing the ball for a 2nd time stopping on the beam. This time Bogosian (Armenian striker) made a good shot from the right side and sended the ball to the left beam of the goalpost that PROODEFTIKI was defending.
The 2nd good chance for PROODEFTIKI and last in the first half, was when MARIS shot just a few centimeters away from the goalpost of Ionikos goalkeeper.

After the interesting first half, a bad second half without passion was played. In the 55th minute KALAITZIDIS (Proodeftiki's defender) received a 2nd yellow card and was send of the pitch with red card and 8 minutes later the match turned to be a bit short of ... shaking in the air!!

At this minute, the referee of the match TSAGARAKIS, whistled a foul in favor of the guests (PROODEFTIKI), which caused tension on the pitch but did not remain only there.......


Some supporters of Ionikos began to throw various objects on the pitch, with a bottle to ''succeed'' to hit the head of referee TRANGARAKIS. The referees team, flew to the dressing rooms, followed by the players of PROODEFTIKI and everything seemed to indicate that the game would not continue further. However 17 minutes later the referee Tsangarakis instructed both teams to return to the pitch.

Finally, from the time of the re-run of the game and for the remaining minutes to play, everything went smoothly inside and outside the pitch, the two teams did not threaten the rival and so the ''BIG DERBY'' ended without any goal. A draw, that keeps PROODEFTIKI F.C. on the top of the group, with the ''Crimson team'' staying undefeated for the 2nd consecutive season against their ''eternal'' opponent.

The teams:

IONIKOS (coach Nikos Maronitis)
Kourepinis (goalkeeper), Plakas (76' Afratis), Dimakakos, Pantelidis (76' Christopoulos), Kornezos, Alexiou, Chalkias, Bogosian, All, Hadjisavvas.

PROODEFTIKI (coach Loukas Karadimos)
Bantikos (goalkeeper), Tsaraousis (65' Dilaveris), Kalaitzidis, Zisilas, Papanikolas, Maris, Fabinho, Dallas, Kouiroukidis (80' Nikolopoulos), Kanellopoulos (57' Xigakis)

Following is the video of the full game as it was transmitted live via video streaming in internet. The video will be added to the relative page of our blog (Game videos season 2017 - 2018) in the following days.

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