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Friday, January 12, 2018

The new year starts with a DERBY for PROODEFTIKI F.C.

The current championship (season 2017 - 2018)  of the National Greek 3rd division 
(6th group) had begun with a ''DERBY'' 

between PROODEFTIKI F.C. vs Ionikos (1-0 final result) with an important win for ''PROO'' starting the season succesfully. This result (win for ''PROO'') is a repeating victory against the neighboring club of Ionikos in the past years.

Very important to mention here, is that PROODEFTIKI did NEVER had historicaly a home defeat in the Derby's against Ionikos. 

                                       Entry of teams PROODEFTIKI vs Ionikos

But in 2018 (1st game of the 2nd round) the Championship re-starts again after the Christmass holidays, with the ''DERBY'' this time in the Neapolis football ground, home of Ionikos club. 
All players in PROODEFTIKI club (with the instructions of coach Loukas Karadimos) are training hard and preparing themselves for the upcomming very important match for the championship. 
All people involved in any kind of position in both clubs (players squads, coaches, managers, team stuff  etc) are awaiting to participate and to defeat the opponent team, as well as the fanatic supporters of both teams of course.

For PROODEFTIKI F.C. this game is as important as a ''final game'' and of course the team does not want to be defeated, as in all games played so far.
In these ''Derby's'' you have simply to aproove ......
who's the ''BOSS'' of the league and the neighborhood !!

The sad issue about this game is that PROODEFTIKI F.C. will not have the support of the fans playing abroad, as it was the same case in the 1st round, as followers of both teams are banned to follow these games in the football ground of its opponents, since many years already. 

PROODEFTIKI F.C. has collected 23 points in the 1st round of the championship of the 3rd National Greek football league, leading the 6th group by 3 points difference and followed by Ethnikos and has also 10 points difference to its next opponent Ionikos.

With a positive result in the following match against Ionikos, PROODEFTIKI will stabilize its position in the 1st place of  the group and will await in 2 weeks time the next match abroad against Ethnikos to proove the teams strenght this season and will slowly consolidate to the top of the league and the promotion of the club to the 2nd National Greek football league.

The important ''DERBY'' Ionikos vs PROODEFTIKI exeptionally played on this Saturday (13/JANUARY at 16:00 /4 p.m.)  Greek time (GMT + 2)
will be transmitted LIVE with VIDEO STREAMING via INTERNET, so that you will be able to watch one of the most famous football Derby's in Greece.

We will inform you regarding the link to watch LIVE the game in an other post on FRIDAY evening.

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And remember,  as always
 ...... all you need is PROO  !!

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