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Thursday, September 16, 2010

HERE WE GO!!!......3 more days till the ball rolls again and F.C. Proodeytiki starts the season...

Three more days to go, till PROODEYTIKI will entry again ''the cage'' and start the games for the new championship.

First (home) game of the season for PROO against OROPOS starting at 16:00 local time. The Pre-game script (in Greek language) is available since yesterday and published already by most of our blogs & sites.

Many fans and spectators are expected to follow this first season's game.

The team seems to be ready for the challenge and among all other surprises this homegame will be the first game of F.C. PROODEFTIKI ever, with a live internet radio transmission, organized & executed by the fans of PROO - via RADIO PROO/ RADIO PROGRESSIVA!!

Following is a short video inviting.....to be present!!

and most of the goooooooals scored during the friendly games

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