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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PROODEFTIKI plays against Hellas Pontion in a cup game today at 15:30 & video of goals scored last year

A new challenge for the local Pireus football union cup is sceduled for 15:30 today.
PROODEYTIKI plays in an away game vs Hellas Pontion (participating in the local Pireus championship this season)

 Both teams have knowledge of each other, as two years ago Hellas Pontion beat PROO by 3-0 in the same event and last season they played in the 4th division against each other.

In the first round of last years leagues games, PROO escaped with a 1-3 win away and in the reversing round the game turned to be one of the highest in score game of the 9th pool as Proodeytiki beat Hellas Pontion by 7-1, in an afternoon where heavy rain falls during the whole game and the rain of goals scored, were competing as well. 

Down bellow is the playlist of the goooooools scored during the last game of PROO agianst Hellas Pontion.... (just click on the triangel / start button- to watch the video)
The Playlist and more than further 420 videos of F.C. PROODEFTIKI are available and can be watched as well at:

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