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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The repetence of the general congress of members of PROODEFTIKI ATHLETIC CLUB

Yesterday evening (as announced) was the day that the members of PROODEFTIKI Athletic Club, were invited to attend the repeating general members congress of the team.

A most important and delicate matter was the vote for the acceptance of change of articles of the constitutive association of the club.

Finaly due to the reason that out of aprox. 160 signed members of the club, only some 31 of them were financialy settled, the members congress will be repeted again for this purpose, when the majority of the members will settle their bill.

Anyway the new administrative council of our team (as of 10/ June / 2010 in charge) under the management of Dr. Nikos Chainis, analysed during the event, what the new council received and which efforts they made as administration, in order that they organise the club and it is prepared for participation for the new season (2010-2011).

As normal, many questions from attending persons turned the congress into an event with objections and explanations, finaly resulting that all parties involved are respecting the history and the progress of the club and (hopefully) will continue to support all necessary measures to be taken by the administration, so that our football team devision can finaly be promoted to the 3rd league and return to the Greek professional football leagues at the end of this season.

Later on tonight (Tuesday 28/Sept) the whole event may be seen on videos in the Internet. We will publish here an example (when ready) and the link to the rest of the videos.

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