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Thursday, September 20, 2018

PROODEFTIKI FC - SEASON TICKETS 2018 -2019 promo video launched

  As we are approaching the date of the kick-off for the new championship of the 3rd National Greek football division (season 2018 - 2019) a promo video for the sales of the season tickets for FC PROODEFTIKI home games is on air

Prices for the new season tickets are 20 Euro and 50 Euro, as well as 150 Euro (VIP section)

  Supporters of FC PROODEFTIKI from abroad, are aiming significantly the CLUB by purchasing the season tickets and donating them through the fan clubs for use of unemployed supporters for the club's home games, in order to have our well known ''HOT'' atmosphere in the cage.

The link to contact the club FC PROODEFTIKI - via its official facebook page (in the case you would like to donate season tickets to friends in Greece or to unemployed supporters of our club) is on the right hand side of the blogs starting page.

Or simply click following link : 

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