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Monday, September 17, 2018

The 5th group of the 3rd National Greek Football division – A brief presentation of the participating clubs in the group ( part No1 of 2– The clubs from Crete island)

After the compilation of the 8 groups for the new season starting September 30th 2018 and the fixtures of the games of F.C. PROODEFTIKI that we have posted recently, we will present you briefly the clubs participating in the 5th group of the 3rd National Greek football League, starting with the 7 participating clubs from Crete island.
The 5th group will consist of 13 teams in total (6 clubs from Pireus football association and 7 clubs from Crete representing the 4 different local football associations of the island) from which the champion will be "promoted" directly to the higher division, from the 2nd till the 7th place ranking  teams will "remain" in the category while the others, namely 6 clubs, will be relegated in their local leagues of the respective associations.
As concerns the latest information and if approved and adopted by the EPO the Greek National Football association, the restructuring plans for the new Greek leagues, will allow 4 more clubs ending on the 2nd rank  of their respective groups tables will likely be promoted to the higher division, after play –off games to be held right after the end of the season. The final decision is still pending. 
Let's be informed briefly about  the clubs  participating in the 5th group of this year's 3rd Greek National Division starting with the 7 clubs participating from Crete in this post (part No 1) and in a following post  mid-week the 6 teams representing the Pireus local football association will be presented as well.

Established: 1962
 Playing at home : in the Municipal Stadium "I. Vardinoyannis" – Rethymno
 Returning again to the 3rd  league, but this year more experienced, with a refreshed squad aiming this season to be promoted to a higher division
Established: 1982
Playing at home : in the Kantanos Municipal Stadium – Chania Prefecture
The previous season with the effective rank of the captured 6th place in the 8th group. The club has not impressed in friendlies so far, while a few days ago the club was defeated by 2-0 in the final of the local Super Cup of Chania by AEEK SYNKA
 Established: 2009
Playing at home : in Stadium Mournion – Chania
With a good organization and playing beautiful football returned directly in the 3rd league after a recent relegation into the local championship of Chania. The club has signed players that strengthened the squad significantly, after last year's undefeated winning the local league and the promotion to the 3rd National Greek division and can create many problems for opponents.
Established: 1951
 Playing at home: in Atsalenioy Stadium – Heraklion
The clubs squad has been strengthened with many players from Greece and abroad with the first impressions to be quite positive after the good results and good performances in friendlies with strong opponents
Established: 1957
Playing at home: in Archanes town Stadium – Heraklion Prefecture
With several additions since last year the board of the club insists that they will be the pleasant surprise of the 5th group. Besides the frantic course of the previous season it is indicated as a rugged team.
Established: 1970
Playing at home: in Municipal Stadium of Ierapetra  - Lasithi Prefecture
Ierapetra F.C. responded last year extremely well in the League finishing in the 3rd place of the 8th group while they won the Amateur Cup and the best season in its history. With the last reasons as a guide the club is expected this season to be among the very strong  teams in the 5th group.
Established: 1968
Playing at home: in Municipal Stadium of Neapoli Lasithiou – Lasithi Prefecture
Neapoli has signed some players through transfers mainly from the amateur departments of   famous clubs, but so far figures on friendlies show that the squad is unprepared to participate in this division. In the first appearance in the 3rd division, celebrating 50 years since its Establishment, the club is a question mark of what it will accomplish.
The presentation of the remaining 6 clubs from Pireus local football association, will be posted in a few days

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