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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The 5th group of the 3rd National Greek Football division – A brief presentation of the participating clubs in the group ( part No2 of 2) – The clubs from Pireus

After the compilation of the 8 groups for the new season starting September 30th and the fixtures of the games of F.C. PROODEFTIKI that we have posted recently, we will present you briefly the clubs participating in the 5th group of the 3rd National Greek football League continuing with the participating clubs from Pireus area
The 5th group will consist of 13 teams in total (6 clubs from Pireus football association and 7 clubs from Crete representing the 4 different local football associations of the island) from which the champion will be "promoted" directly to the higher division, from the 2nd till the 7th place ranking teams will "remain" in the category next season, while the others, the least six clubs of the group, will be relegated in the local leagues of their respective associations.
 As concerns the latest information and if approved and adopted by the EPO the Greek National Football association, the restructuring plans for the new Greek leagues, will allow 4 more clubs ending on the 2nd rank of their respective groups tables will likely be promoted to the higher division, after play –off games to be held right after the end of the season. The final decision is still pending
Let's be informed briefly about the clubs participating in the 5th group of this year's 3rd Greek National Division continuing with the 6 clubs participating from Pireus in this post (part No 2 of 2 related posts) and in an earlier post the 7 teams representing the Cretan local football associations have been presented as well.

Established: 1927
Playing at home: in Nikea Municipal stadium /’’The Cage’’
 The squad consists basically of a roster with many young and upcoming players, which has not yet been completed. As expected experienced players are to be booked.
Established: 1926
Playing at home: in Agios Ioannis Rentis Municipal stadium / ‘’S. Melissourgos’’
Atromitos Piraeus resumes in 3rd National Greek League after a brief absence, aiming to remain in the category this season. The club has booked early several players to complete the roster, while some additions have been made in recent days.
Established: 1937
Playing at home: in Ampelakia stadium / Salamis island
 Ampelakiakos is appearing for the first time ever in the 3rd National Greek League and will try in his first historical presence  to make the surprise not to relegate, having acquired some skilled players who can make the difference in the 5th group of the league.
Established: 1926
Playing at home: ’’P. Salpeas’’ stadium / Keratsini
In the years of its presence in the 3rd National Greek League the club has beaten even the toughest rivals of any group it was playing. Additions were made to the roster, after the withdrawal of some players but without probably covered effectively the gaps that are left.
Established: 1923
Playing at home: in Municipality stadium of Kallithea / Athens
Remains almost with an equally strong squad as past season, with selectively added skilled players. Important though, is the booking of head coach Loukas Karadimos and his staff, who trained past season the club of F.C. PROODEFTIKI and is well known for his job.
Established: 1965
Playing at home: in the Municipality stadium of Neapoli / Nikea
The arrival of a new President has resulted changes and excitement with a primary focus on the cooperation with FC Larisa (owned by the presidents family) from which club arrived some players who will strengthen the team. 

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