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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The interview of top scorer of the league Giannis Grivas published today in the sports newspaper ''Goal"

“What you seed, is what you harvest”
   Two goals in the 3-1 victory against  F.C Oropos, two more scored in the away game against  Aris Amfialis (0-3), one more during the 4-1 away victory with AE Perama and again two goals two days ago (1st and 3rd) in the home game resulted 4-0 against Ano Syros. This is Yannis Gribas, 29 old striker playing for F.C. Proodeftiki, who in the four first games of the championship counts 7 goals in the 9th pool of the 4th National league, realising his most productive start in a season of his carrier.

  It is characteristic that he has scored already half of those goals, that he achieved to score last year, with the team of Koropi - 14 goals in total, in an exceptional season and with a few words, someone  would say simply, that he has taken his “weapon” this year and shoots unstoppable towards the rivals goalposts.
  Certainly he is keeping a low profile, complimenting his teammates for the feeds he is receiving and that has brought the aforesaid results. And in particular, he points more the 4 victories in 4 games played by the leading the pool F.C. Proodeftiki.

A row of victories, that is not accidental, for Yannis Gribas.
“What you seed, is what you harvest”, is the start of his interview in “Goal newspaper” and the charismatic top scorer continues: “We have acomplished a very good job all together. Technical staff, administration and the players(of the team). It is reasonable, therefore, that the results show up. Personally, I am someone, who believes a lot in working (exercising) and consider that, when you work, you are rewarded”.

Extreme push from the fans
  He considers also, that a catalytic role, has played the presence of the fans. “It may sounds like a clise, but I do not say it simply just to say something. Our supporters gives us a big pushing impulse. In each game, we begin with a high grade in our psychology, precisely because of the presence and the support of our fans”. As a person that likes working, Yannis Gribas, is attending to send also his message for the following period: “It is yet early, and we should not say big words. What we do all together, is to focus at each game separately and we do not rely in any case. Last year F.C. Proodeytiki, lost the championship because of losses that it had in particular games, against theoretically weak opponents. This year this does not exist. We do not underestimate anyone and we face each game, as if  it is the first one of the  championship”.
Wise words, would say someone, from a player who has experience, from A' National division, with the team of Ethnikos Asteras, played professionally for Ethnikos Piraeus, Kalamata, Vyzas Megara, Achaici and as an amateur, playing experience of Mykonos, Nireas Paros and Koropi.

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