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Thursday, October 7, 2010

SUMMER TIME .....(BONUS TRACKS)...the music of the ''Nogaters''......

We decided to move the session of the posts, with the musical dedication of the music we were listening to, during the excursions we were organizing to follow F.C. Proodeftiki in away games all over Greece in the late 70's and early '80s. 
For this particular time period, it will be posted only here, one more session, so called Bonus Tracks - while we posted in our other blog  http://eastattikanogate.blogspot.com/ 
10 more theme posts. You may recover all of them, by clicking on the label ''music'', that you can find in the Blogs archive of  ''EAST ATTIKA NO GATERS''.
In all previous posts, in our other blog, we tried to bring back musical memories of songs, artists and groups, that are somehow forgotten or unknown nowadays, but some 30something years ago existed in a very high rank in ''our own hitparades''.

We are going to continue (in GlobalProoTribe) the posts, dedicated to the music we were listening to, in the early '80s till end of that decade, with the title ''Autumn musical  memories'' always under the same label, ''music'' so that it will be easy for everyone to retrieve back the complete list, from the blogs archive.

 So to start with our last post with title ''Summer time'', we selected a song from one of the best guitar players ever, whow has performed on stage with all well known ''guitar stars''.
The song ''Thelonius'' from Jeff Beck - from his personal album ''BLOW by BLOW'' is speaking for himself and is written by Stevie Wonder and decitated to Thelonius Monk.

Continuing, we are going to present a group, well known ''overseas'' but never made the ''brake through'' in the European Charts.
Here you go....with A.R.S

STAYING in ''the SOUTH'',we are going to listen to the ''CLIMAX BLUES BAND'' and dance..... if you feel like...

If you know the previous songs, then you know them as well...

Closing this last ''Summer Time...music session'' we are going to FUNK IT UP,dedicating one more song to everyone. 

The original version of ''THE PAYBACK'' part 1&2 by 
James Brown, in the best performance ever together with Maceo Parker & Fred Wesley...

GET UP (FROM YOUR COUGH) and come to ''the CAGE'' to support FC PROODEFTIKI....

FOLLOWING GAME on Sunday 10/OCT/2010 - 13:00 local Greek Time vs ANO SYROS football team. 
Informative post to follow.....

and don't forget to watch the last game played away agaist AE PERAMA, completly available as a video playlist, in our previous posted article

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