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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Proo plays in Perama tomorrow against A.E. Peramatos & video

 After the positiv result in the mid-week cup game played away, against Hellas Pontion which resulted with a 1-2 win (achieved in the extra time of the game)  the promotion of PROODEYTIKI to the following round, tomorrow Sunday 3/Oct/2010 are the league games continuing.
The scedule of the league, is sending our team again for the next game away (second  in a row) to Perama (suburb of Pireus) to conter a club (A.E. Peramatos) which is very strong at home.
Last season (in January/2010) Proo returned with a 0-3 win from this game, playing well and serious, something requested tomorrow again.
As the pool table shows right know, Proo is leading by 6 points (n 2 games) together with Keratsini & Triglia Rafinas and a possible winning result tommorrow, will most probably differentise the pools table top.
The latest information about PROO, are that our coach Fotis Thaellas has all players ready to compete and to result the 3rd win in a row. 
An excellent pre-game script (in Greek language) with historical statistics and a list of important information about both teams, can be read in our common informative site www.prooinside.com
We are going to post here bellow the playlist of the videos showing the goals scored in the past game of the previous season.


After the game against A.E. Peramatos a new post about the game and videos will be posted here and in the other (related with your information about Proodeftiki) sites & blog www.prooinside.com &

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