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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunday at 15:00 (local Greek time) PROODEFTIKI awaits F.C. Keratsini in the next home game

After the 5x5 row of wins of Proodeytiki in the 2010 -2011 championship, resulted also the lead in the table of the 9th pool of the 4th division in the Greek Leagues, we return to the ''Cage'' for a home game against the team of Keratsini. At this present time the particular game, seems to be a derby in the championship, once PROO is leading the pool by 2 points difference ahead of the guests of followig Sunday's game.

Everybody seems to be very confident in a next victory, as it happened in all previous played matches of the season. And of cource, no one has forgotten, what happened last year when Proo played away in Keratsini.
So there is thing shure for the time beeing and the players of PROO are aware of it:
'' SHOW NO MERCY'' that's the title of the next game.....

Again we will have a LIVE RADIO BROADCAST of the game, via Internet as usual, specially dedicated to all our fans living far away and especially abroad....

You're  invited  once again  to follow the match and be part of the atmosphere of the ''CAGE'' by sending your messages during the broadcast via the chat on the page, or connect via our facebook pages.

   So we inform you that on Sunday 24/Oct/2010 the 3rd homegame of 
F.C. Proodeftiki vs Keratsini football team will be broadcasted live from ''the Cage'' via our internet radio (as always in Greek language) and we seem to be the pioneers in Greece, by transmitting football games directly from fans to fans. 
  This game starts 3:00 pm (15:00) local Greek time (UTC +2 or CET +1) and the transmmision will begin about half (1/2) an hour earlier, directly from the stadium, with good music and the latest news about both teams, welcoming you to the atmosphere of our stadium.

During this broadcast, we will have probably also some gifts for you, so stay tunned during the game and participate!!

  This broadcast is organized independently from the fans of 
F.C. Proodeytiki, for all other fans of our team living abroad, or in the Greek province and as well dedicated to the fans of the teams we are hosting, that could not follow their team to ''the Cage".

You can connect to the radio stream via following links:

Radio Proogresiva (on line radio)Click any of following links:

NOTE: In the case one link is not working (crowdy), please use the following one and stay connected also in the common chat rooms of our blogs.

During our past broadcast from our 2nd homegame PROODEYTIKI vs Ano Syros Football team, we transmitted a game for the 2nd  time, and more than 200 people again from 3 different continents, followed the game via our links, honoured the event and celebrated the victory of  PROO even abroad in Australia, many European Countries and the USA.
Many Thanks for your support!! 

Please support our efforts, by informing everyone you know of our ''big-vissini-family'', especially living abroad!!
We promise to do our best, please contact all of us via our website and or forum:

Following are two brand new videos about our team and the fans, when PROO entried the Saronicos stadium on Aigina Island (past away game of PROO resulted the 4th victory in a row)

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