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Monday, October 1, 2018

In a satisfying match with 4 goals, Ethnikos Pireus defeated FC Proodeftiki by 3-1 overturning the match in the second half

    At the Municipal Stadium of Kallithea (an Athenian suburb),  the ''Crimsons'' (followed in the away match - opening the season - by more than 250 supporters)

surprised the hosts and took the lead in the 23rd minute with a shot by Kerasidis  (0-1) after a parallel ball of Tagbo (striker) right into the center of the penalty area,

but after they had the first good chance of the game to score earlier in the 11th minute, by a long shot of Dilaveris that hit the post.

0-1 was also the halftime standing of the first game of the season.

In the second half, the ''blue & whites'' returned to the pitch more determined to turn the match and within 6 minutes they did it.

In the 51st minute Manalis (Ethn) equalized the score with a header, after a kick - off by Romano, while in the 56th minute Pavlakis (Ethn) scored the second goal of Ethnikos with a header after a kick-off by Alexiou.

Thr final 3-1 was scored in the 92nd minute by Leventis (Ethn) with a shot outside the penallty area, after the ball hit a defender of Proodeftiki and changed route.

FC PROODEFTIKI: (coach Theo. Gatsios)
Bantikos, Tzitsikalakis, Xygakis (90' Tasioulis), Tziolas (75' Panagiotopoulos), Kottas, Vasiliou, Kerasidis, Kittos, Tagbo, Koliopoulos (65' Gogas), Dilaveris (60' Christou)

Next official game is a cup game of the Pireus Football Federation against Ampelakiakos (from Salamis island)
The game is sceduled for Wednesday 3rd October starting at 17:00 (greek local time)

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