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Sunday, October 7, 2018

15.000 + pageviews .... and still growing


Dear followers of the blog ''GlobalPROOtribe''

         The international community of the supporters of F.C. PROODEFTIKI from Greece, located in the suburbs of Pireus is still growing in many different countries around the world.

     The team of our blog, is kindly thanking you for your continuing support and growing interest in our football club, promising that we will continue to inform you referring the latest developments and news of FC PROODEFTIKI during the new championship (season 2018 - 2019), that started a week ago.

     In the bellow worldmap, you can indicate the countries our blog followers and supporters of  ''PROO'' are resident, many of them 2nd or 3rd generation greek immigrants with roots from Pireus and the suburbs, but an origin from the Eastern coastal areas of the Aegean Sea.
   Some of these club supporters, do not even speak the greek language anymore, but are still following the club their ancestors supported prior to immigration.

  The best we can do for the heritage, is to communicate with all these people in a different language rather than greek. 
  Kindly support our efforts, by re-posting the blog and the articles, so we can reach out to the world and contact all these loyal supporters of FC PROODEFTIKI.

Thanking you sincerely for your support, we remain.  

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