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Friday, October 12, 2018

FC PROODEFTIKI is traveling to Heraklion /Crete after the lost match past Sunday

As the home game against Episkopi Rethymnon (final 0-1) was a small surprise for the squad and the supporters, immediate action was taken beginnng of the week after head coach Gatsios stepped back from his position. 

The new head coach in charge is Dim. Kalykas having experience in coaching as well clubs from the 2nd National League and will be on the pitch during next game.

So the team was training hard the whole week for the next game (away in Heraklion / Crete) against Atsalenios, a tough playing squad,that PROO has played against 2 seasons ago, when clubs from Pireus and Crete met again in the same group of the league.

FC Proodeftiki has announced some further bookings of players during the week to complete the roster and to strike back in the championship of  the League as the club is at the last position of the 5th groups table.

Several supporters will follow the club to Crete by ferry, to watch the squad aiming for its first win in the new championship.

The match will be transmitted live via internet  on Sunday (starting at 4:00pm / CET +2h) by a local Cretan station telesport.gr

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