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Saturday, October 6, 2018

FC PROODEFTIKI - FC Episkopi Rethymno (pre-game)

Awaiting the first home game for FC PROODEFTIKI against F.C. Episkopi from Rethymno/Crete, (match starts 4.00 pm Greek local time tomorrow Sunday 7/OKT/2018) we are informing you kindly about some details about our blog and its operation.
This blog '' GlobalPROOtribe'' is most probably the ONLY greek blog operated by the supporters of a greek football club (of any league) that is available in English language.
The fans of PROODEFTIKI F.C. (Pireus . Greece) are welcoming you back .... to our blog ''GlobalPROOtribe'' GOOD Morning from Pireus/ Greece, to all friends & supporters of PROODEFTIKI F.C. living abroad.

After a long absence of 8 years, it was decided to re-operate this blog beginning of 2018 and to inform you again about our team PROODEFTIKI F.C. (only IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE) and its current situation during the championship that it is participating, as we are also hounouring 90 + YEARS of HISTORY of our club.

      Already since then, our blog's team, managed to do some postings referring the past seasons championship (2017 -2018) and to inform you about some important matches past season, - some videos of matches are uploaded as well in the relevant pages of the blog - when PROODEFTIKI FC lost the promotion from the group participating in the 3rd Greek National football league to the higher league (2nd category) named in Greece ''Football League 2''.

  This season 2018 - 2019, FC PROODEFTIKI participating again in the 3rd National Greek football league, in the 5th group with other 6 clubs from Pireus and 7 clubs from the local football associatons from Crete island.

  The championship started past weekend, while ''PROO'' lost away (3-1) against the hosting squad of Ethnikos Pireus.  The match is already posted in our blog earlier this week, while the ONLY available videos of the game can be seen at following links (as the ''PROO'' supporters, managed once again, to transmit the game live with streaming (via facebook APP) directly from the tribune in the municipal stadium of Kallithea.

First halftime video at following link (from the facebookpage of Crimson club)  

Second halftime video at following link (from the facebookpage of Crimson club) : 

 The squad has completed earlier today the practice session of the week for tomorrows importand match in ''the cage'' and all in the club are putting lots of efforts for a positive result tomorrow afternoon.

   Tomorrows match FC PROODEFTKI vs FC Episkopi Rethymnon, will be also transmitted with live streaming (via FB App) only for those resident abroad or resident in the greek province. 

In the case, you would like to watch the match live, contact the relevant FB group (Global PROO Community) at following link and request to be added into the group:

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