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Thursday, January 11, 2018

PROODEFTIKI F.C. welcomes you back to our blog

GOOD EVENING from Pireus to all friends & supporters of PROODEFTIKI F.C. living abroad.

After a long absence of 8 years, it was decided to re-operate this blog and to inform you again about our team PROODEFTIKI F.C. and its current situation during the championship that it is participating, as we are also hounouring 90 YEARS of HISTORY of our club.

There are some significant changes in our blog as:
NEW PAGES are open where you can watch the videos of  the games that PROODEFTIKI has played so far during the current championship (page with videos of season 2017 - 2018) and
most of the important matches as well from the past season        (page with videos of the season 2016 - 2017)

In 2018, which year began just a few days ago, PROODEFTIKI is leading the 6th group of the 3rd National Greek Football Division, with a 3 points difference from the following club of Ethnikos Pireus (ranked 2nd)

The 6th group has a total of 11 teams participating and during each weekend 5 games are played among the participants and one team has a day off. The Champion of the group will claim its promotion to the 2nd National Greek Football Division through promotional games, while a total of 4 teams out of 11 will be relegated to the Local Football divisions of the provinces they are located.

The 2 teams that seem to claim the championship of the 6th group up to the end, seem to be PROODEFTIKI and Ethnikos Pireus.

In total the 3rd National Greek Football Division is divided into 8 groups and some famous and historical greek football clubs from all over the country are participating in this 3rd division in the past years, mainly due to financial problems as a result of the financial crisis that hits Greece in the recent years. 

At the end of the first leg of the championship, 2 new groups will be formed where all champions of the 8 groups will participate, so that totaly 4 clubs will be finally promoted to the  2nd National Greek Football Division.

Next weekend starts the second round of the championship, with a great local ''DERBY'' between Ionikos Nikea vs PROODEFTIKI.

The match will be played on SATURDAY 13 / January / 2018 starting at 16:00 (4pm) / GREEK TIME (GMT +2)

The match will be broadcasted LIVE via INTERNET (streaming) and we will inform you on time regarding the broadcast details and the link, so that you will have the chance to watch it live.

For this reason, be always logged in to receive the newest feedback via our blog posts, so that you are informed as soon as the latest news are in the air.

Welcoming you back again, and as always ........

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